Will This Computer Work?

I’ve decided to build a computer from a Barebone system. I’ve never built or upgraded a computer before and I’m no expert when it comes to them, but it’s easy for me to get pretty enthusiastic when it comes to any sort of personal project like this, so I have researched quite a lot to get to this list of components with which I plan to build my PC. However, even though I’ve tried to check everything thoroughly, I’m not certain that I haven’t made any mistakes. It would be extremely helpful if someone could confirm that all the parts are compatible, I have not missed anything out and that I have not bought anything that the Barebone system already has. I am not looking for your personal opinion on my choice of components as I have thought through my decisions and am aware of what I am buying, but please alert me if I have been really stupid somewhere in the list.
Barebone System
Hard Drive
Graphics Card
Wireless Card
Just to be clear, I intend to stick all these things together, plug it into a wall and then install and run windows 7 64 bit on it. If there is any apparent reason why this sequence of events may not run its course, let me know.

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One Response to “Will This Computer Work?”

  1. IrishVT says:

    The PSU in that barebone system won’t power that video card. It’s only 350W and you’ll want 500W.
    I strongly encourage you to choose a different OEM brand for the video card. EVGA is your best bet.

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