Will This Cupon For Lotemax Work?

Hi I went to the pharmacy and gave my prescription paper to them he then told me it will be 150 dollars for the thing I’m getting he then said you can get a coupon from the internet so I checked it out and found this http://www.helprx.info/discounts?search[name]=LOTEMAX&utm_campaign=newmedia&utm_medium=search&utm_source=google&utm_term=lotemax%20coupon&adid={AdID}&matchtype=b&Network=Search&SiteTarget&gclid=CMbPiaHbvrcCFQyg4Aod3msAxg do you guys think this cupon is real? will it work? I’m getting lotemax.gel ophtalmic gel 0.5% if this cupon is not real anyone know where I can get a real one?

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