Will This Processor Fit My Motherboard?

So i got given a computer a while ago and i have upgraded it abit (new graphics card and some more RAM) But what is really annoying is the processor, Its an Intel Pentium 4, Which is just so outdated so i was looking to get this one
But not sure if it will fit into my motherboard which i think its a Dell DM051 motherboard (sorry if thats not correct, its the stock motherboard that came with my computer)
So i would like to know if it fits, and if its better than my current one

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6 Responses to “Will This Processor Fit My Motherboard?”

  1. Ron M says:

    No, that Celeron will not fit. A Pent 4 uses a socket 775 but the Celeron requires a socket 1155. You may be able to use one of the core 2 or core 4 Pentiums.

  2. Jack says:

    no i think you posted asking what socket your motherboad is and i told you it was a 423 socket.
    you can only put processors for this socket in it.
    this processor, as stated in its title, is for a 1155 socket.
    to upgrade your computer you need to buy a new motherboard and ram and probably everything else, get a new pc.

  3. Garfy92 says:

    I’m not so sure with intel as i prefer amd builds, but i think you’ll have to change your motherboard to be able to replace the processor as the sockets for the processors vary, and i think the socket in your motherboard will only support pentium D CPU’s (i even have an old pentium D lying around somewhere)

  4. Edward says:

    it should fit

  5. primaroc says:

    The processor is most of the cost of a motherboard, replace them together and you will only pay a little more. Check you can still use the RAM as well

  6. Wcdihbde says:

    Get a celeron G1610 and a Asrock H61-M DGS.

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