Will This Psu Work With The Rest Of These Specs?

are they all compatible and is the psu good enough if not please list a compatible one on amazon thanks in advance

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One Response to “Will This Psu Work With The Rest Of These Specs?”

  1. Frostfir says:

    Minimum PSU 700W-800W. *
    400W @80%efficiency = 320W
    430W @80%efficiency = 344W
    450W @80%efficiency = 360W
    500W @80%efficiency = 400W
    550W @80%efficiency = 440W
    600W @80%efficiency = 480W
    650W @80%efficiency = 520W
    700W @80%efficiency = 560W
    750W @80%efficiency = 600W
    800W @80%efficiency = 640W
    850W @80%efficiency = 680W
    900W @80%efficiency = 720W
    950W @80%efficiency = 760W
    1000W @80%efficiency = 800W
    *Use as a guide only

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