Will This Ruin My Download Or Ps3 Slim (original Slim)?

My best friend gave me a voucher to download God Of War: COO and GOS off the PS Store. It was about 49-50% through the download when I accidentally shut my PS3 off. I immediately turned it back on and it still showed the download continuing normally at 50% like nothing happened to it. The MB are still counting and the percentage is rising like before. The PS3 Slim was only off for about 1 1/2-2 seconds before I turned it back on. Will this affect the full game or anything else?

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4 Responses to “Will This Ruin My Download Or Ps3 Slim (original Slim)?”

  1. Mojo JO says:

    naaa mate

  2. Viri Darklord says:

    No, it wont corrupt your game or anything, the background download was designed in case you needed to leave while downloading, but dont want to cancel the download, or leave the PS3 on

  3. Mistah J says:

    The paranoia is strong with you, son. Your download is going to be fine. Game downloads can’t cause damages in this fashion. It’s when you’re saving or updating the firmware that you’ll run into problems because of sudden shutoff.

  4. Arc says:

    Nope. It will be fine, don’t worry.

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