Woman like a bargain…….?

Does that mean if their on a luxury liner that was sinking, would they stop at the half price sinking sale at the souvenir shop on their way too the lifeboats?

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13 Responses to “Woman like a bargain…….?”

  1. Shona L says:

    and still have time to ask…."does my bum look big in this?"

  2. TV Addict says:

    Lmao!! Hahaha, I wouldn’t! I’d be on those boats like a shot! BTW, this is the real TV Addict. Account got deleted 🙁

    Will I recieve your forgiveness? 🙂

  3. greybeard says:

    ‘course they would, Mate!

  4. Full of Id says:

    that’s stupid

  5. missmollie says:

    well i am a girl and i would not do that!
    you see, i actually VALUE my life!
    have you ever seen Titanic?

  6. poppy says:

    If they had shiny things, most defiantly, but you’d hold the lifeboat for me wouldn’t you hon ? il get you something nice, a new but plug mabey ? x

  7. Uncle Elroy says:

    only for shoes

  8. oh deary me says:

    too right.

  9. rebelady2007 says:

    i’ll bargain for a boat,forget about the half price sinking sale at the sovenir shop.

  10. Jay6 says:

    Never know. They just might!

  11. angelique says:

    depends if there were real bargains…and lifejackets….sadly I’d stop and look

    a halfprice life jacket….in brown and black to go with all my outfits

  12. frostbite says:

    yes and still make it to the lifeboats in time.

  13. lovetheglamour says:

    only if they were selling shoes.

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