Wool Rugs – New Zealand Lambskin & Sheepskin Rugs

New Zealand sheepskin wool rugs are among the most beautiful area rugs in the world. They are also organic, which means they are earth and man friendly. And not only that, but they have amazing qualities above and beyond their aesthetic beauty which can be shown off in your home decor, as something your friends will envy and your family will love them, too. Lets see why.

Simple and pure, 100% sheep and lambskin rugs are ounce for ounce stronger than steel. They will not easily tear, rip or loose their shape. They are static free, water resistant, will not shed. They resist wrinkles, soiling and piling. And you can wash them, occasionally when you think they may need it… on gentle cycle in the washing machine or hand wash. If there happens to be a spill on your beautiful rug, sponge it off and blot dry with a towel. That’s it. You can brush it, shake it and vacuum it. A sheepskin rug likes and handles all that action effortlessly. They really hold up with minimal care to the toughest of wear you can throw at them and retain their shape and beauty for years and years to come.

What else you may not know about these amazing area rugs is that they can breath. The wool fibers are hollow so they can absorb and soak up moisture in the air. They can soak up 30% of their weight in moisture in the air. So what? That means when it’s cold outside they remain dry and warm and when it’s hot in the warmer months of the year, they remain dry and cool to the skin. A free flow of air remains between you and the sheepskin wool rug.

Think about this. When you sit on a leather sofa and it’s a hot summers day, do you stick to it? Yes. How about vinyl, do you stick to it? Yes, and it can even burn if it’s a vinyl car seat in the hot sun. Not wool sheepskins. They remain cool to the touch in hot temperatures and are warm and yummy on a cold, damp day.

Another extremely nice quality that nature provides in the all natural sheepskins is lanolin. If you are not familiar with lanolin it is a moisturizer and lubricant derived from raw wool. Man has tried and failed to duplicate lanolin in the laboratories for centuries. It’s still just one of natures miracles that cannot be duplicated by man. So, if your children were to lay upon the sheepskin rug on the floor, playing with their toys and games, it’s soft and wonderful to their skin. Keeps them off damp and drafty floors in winter and cool to their skin in summer.

Smart mom’s know about lambskin rugs and comforters for their babies well being. These rugs and comforters are sought after by mom’s and they take them everywhere with the baby. Why? Babies are known to sleep more easily and soundly riding in the car with the lambskin comforter wrapped around them. And when it’s a hot day, it’s great for the baby to lay upon the lambskin on the floor for naps or play, as it will keep them dry and cool and it’s nice on babies skin. In the cooler temperatures it’s nice to put the baby down on this soft rug to keep them off a drafty floor and keeps them warm as a bug in a rug… as the saying goes.

The magic of wool sheepskin and lambskin area rugs and comforters are essential for a loving family where your rug cares for you almost as much as you care for the beauty of the look of these simply beautiful and magnificent rugs in creating that fabulous look within your home decor.

Source by Maridee Hanselman

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