Work At Kay Jewelers Or Waitress?

I have a few friends who work at Texas Road Housr (a steak house) and I also called O’Charleys and they said to fill out an app online and they’d set me up an interview to be a server.
Okay, we’ll I had my first interview at Kay Jewelers on Monday and they called me the following morning to set up a second interview for Friday (tomorrow)….
I think Kay would be a very respectable job, dress nice, and whatnot but I figured it would be stressful it being retail and having to mer sales goals.
Plus being a waitress would be more money but idk how much Kay starts out and you make commission.
I go to school full time too.
Please give me feedback!!
What’s it like to work at Kay/a jewelry store and what’s it like to be a server?
Pros and cons of each and which you think I should do?
I almost wanna go since I got so far in the interviewing process but i don’t know :/

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2 Responses to “Work At Kay Jewelers Or Waitress?”

  1. Mary says:

    Which ever one pays good!!

  2. Brady says:

    All you have is a interview for the waitress job so I would not be so sure you have it. And technically Kay didnt hire you. I would not turn down the hire kay job because there is still uncertaintny if you will be offered the waitress position.
    If you have a choice, go with the waitress. They make more and dont pay taxes on tips.

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