work for tesco? Q re: clubcard vouchers?

Hi i’ve got about 40pounds worth of vouchers that i’d like tpo put towards buying an ipod. Only thing is that some are my mums card and some are mine. Weill they all scan in together ok. or will it reject them and recognise they are not ll from the same card?

What is the policy?

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3 Responses to “work for tesco? Q re: clubcard vouchers?”

  1. spashoe says:

    You can call them up and get your cards linked, that way you can use the vouchers at the same time.
    It may be that you have to live at the same address but i am not certain about that.
    If you phone them they can tell you all the ins and outs of it.

  2. Blugirl says:

    Try contacting and ask them what to do.

  3. lisa4rugby says:

    You wont be able to use both sets of vouchers. The computers will not accept them. Sorry

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