Working Full Time But Cant Afford Rent!?

I live in Washington state and work full time making 9.04/hr but still cant afford rent! My rent is over $1000 a month, not including utilities, and I only make about $900 a month after taxes.
I live without 2 other people and we are not in very expensive apartments. And we are stuck in this lease for another 9 months with landlords who are unwilling to work with us at all. We tried to find other roommates to help with the rent, but no one wants to live in an overcrowded 2 bedroom apartment where 2 of the people cant help with rent.
The other 2 people cant make rent because 1 is disabled and cant seem to find a job where someone will hire a person in a wheelchair, and the other is a full time student who goes to school 3 hours away every week day.
We tried to get into subsidized housing but they told us there is a 5 year waitlist, and that section 8 vouchers are only given out once a year, and its on a waiting list also that will take about 5 years.
How do people survive in an economy like this?
By the way, I would love to be in a house, I know that buying is cheaper right now, but my credit is so awful I cant even get approved for a cheapo cell phone or wal-mart credit card!

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4 Responses to “Working Full Time But Cant Afford Rent!?”

  1. Jojo says:

    Ask the state for assistance.

  2. reenzz says:

    Get a second job.

  3. Rob says:

    Sounds like u and ‘full time’ student will be getting
    second jobs.
    as for the fallacy of a house being ‘cheaper’ NOPE.
    it seems cheaper because u do not know what is
    involved in operating a house.
    besides u would not qualify.
    person in wheel chair needs to get with state
    employment office for placement.
    plenty of jobs for folks in chairs. they just need
    to be / have job skills.
    when end of college term finishes, ‘full time’
    student needs to postpone spring classes
    until they have full time job and 2nd job .
    that way they can save up and pay for rent.
    in fall 013 they can start school again and
    live near school.
    other options is break lease and live on streets.
    sorry seen your financial nightmares b4.

  4. Cathi K says:

    Get a higher paying job or a cheaper apartment.

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