Working in sales? What?

What do people mean when they say they want to work in sales? My friend said his dad made a lot from it, My friend is very wealthy i didn’t want to seem stupid buy saying what do you mean by works in sales, If that makes any sense.

Thanks to whoever replys.

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3 Responses to “Working in sales? What?”

  1. Tanookie82 says:

    Sales is a hard one to easily define as sales can be in many different industries. Your friend’s Dad sells some type of item for a certain company. Sometimes sales is directly to the consumer, other times, it’s business to business, etc. You can make a lot of money in sales if you are good at it. You have to know your product, who to cater your product to, as well as how to get people to buy it. My fiance is in sales for his full time job, he is in outside sales for a stainless steel company, he sells stainless steel pipes and fittings to other companies and he is very successful in it.

  2. Burnt Snowflake says:

    "Sales" is a big big area.

    It could be really anything, retail shop assistants, call centre operators right through to selling cars, houses, land – really anything

  3. Sara says:

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