Working Vs. Being On Welfare,,,,?

Met a couple today, both are 24…they both work, both make around $12.00 an hour each, they want to have a baby, but taking into consideration the cost, they aren’t going to have one. Neighbor girl is 23 years old, has 4 kids, and is knocked up again….living off welfare…tax payers like the couple I mentioned here, she gets cash/money/dental/medical free…you might as well say she has 5 kids…someone explain to me, why the government allows this. RIGHT now in Oregon, law is trying to be passed, if you smoke you need to get a permission slip from your Dr. to be able to smoke, so if they can control people smoking, why can’t we let tell the people that is on welfare, starting at such and such a date, you will get all items mentioned above for 1 year, for 1 baby, shall you have more kids, you will not get any more free crap from the tax payers, they are struggling too. Its like this governement wants to have all these unwanted babies, they reward people for having them, can’t say they don’t, soon as mommy gets knocked up again, she gets more money and food/ medical…she gets free birth control pills, how can they fail 5 times, if this country is so broke, cut them off, they cut a lot of other crap, I never hear welfare being cut, and for the sperm donors of these babies, give them jobs, make them work the fields, it would keep the illegals out, making the father be resposible for what he made, not rewarding them, making us struggling tax payers pay for the babies they make…I don’t want to hear but the babies will suffer…not if the mother would take her birth control pills or the father would get a vascectomy….a lot of people will say, welfare is not a big problem in this country, the hell it is not, friend of mine works at the welfare department, she said “You would not believe how bad it is”..I look around I can see that it is in this area, and the 2 towns 40 miles away…it is a probem. We don’t have medical insurance, work does not offer it, can’t afford to buy it, but my taxes pays for these women kicking out a baby once a year….neighbor complains she doesn’t get enough money/food stamps..

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  1. *bRiTiSh says:

    Well it sounds similar to here in the UK but now they are making big cuts to benefits but the problem now is that people who realy need the help and are trying to get work or geniuinely cannot work are suffering. With benefits being cut and the cost of living going up it means disaster for some people and there has been a huge increase in people needing food vouchers. The people who are actually scrounging off the state are the minority but because of them even many disabled are being denied benefits that they should be getting. So it’s not always that black and white.
    I’m sure in the US most people who aren’t currently working either cannot work because of their health/a disability or are trying to get work.
    I don’t think anybody in their right mind would choose to live on benefits! It would be extremely boring not working even part time! People who do choose though to live on benefits when they could be working are seriously lazy and they annoy everyone.

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