Would A Bare Eyed Cockatoo Do Okay In My House?

I am absolutely an animal lover. I’ve never considered birds before, but I recently fell in love with this bare eyed cockatoo I saw for sale. Here’s the thing, I have other animals and I’m not sure how cockatoos react to others. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a ferret.
Before you tell me I have too many animals and not enough time, let me say that there are 5 people living here who all give every animal plenty of attention. So, would a cockatoo be okay with dogs and cats? Her cage would be in the basement in my bedroom, where mainly only 1 cat and the ferret go, but she would spend time upstairs with everyone else,
Experienced bird owners.. how do you think this would work out?
By the way, both dogs are trained and are very gentle. I have free range chickens outside that the dogs are used to and know not to harm. Same with the cats.

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