Would A Good Looking Young Woman Help My Sales?

I am a building services contractor. Janitorial and painting. I just did a bid for a property manager who told me I was the only one to NOT send a good looking 25-35 year old woman to make the sales pitch. I am a 48 year old man, average looking, overweight, detail oriented and highly knowledgeable about my trade.
Seems this is not good enough. I probably close about 20% of what I bid. I think that is OK, but getting in the door is my problem. Even my wife says get a young female sales rep. A man sees a good looking woman, he pays attention to her because hes a dog. I don’t disagree. A woman sees another woman. They bind because they are women working and succeeding in a male dominated world. A woman is less likely to be taken in by a young good looking guy. I don’t know about that.
She should be non-white. It shows ethnic diversity. Everyone likes companies to show at least some diversity. She needs to dress and act conservatively, but project her beauty. The idea is your building will be beautiful because this woman is beautiful. I am very clean and project a very clean image. But clean is not beautiful. Almost anyone can be clean. Only a few can be beautiful. They don’t want their building merely clean, they want it beautiful and I don’t project that.
Maybe I do a little. Four years ago when I worked for someone else, I had a very attractive Hispanic woman co-worker about 10 years younger than me tell me if I lost 25 lbs I’d be “smoking hot” and out of the cleaning crew and on the sales team. She cleaned for less than a year when she went to someone else as a sales rep outside this area. If I could find her, I think I’d hire her, I’ve heard she is very successful.
Do you agree a good looking younger female with the right amount of diversity is what I need?

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