Would A Radeon Hd 6670 Bottleneck An Amd Fx-4170?

I am thinking of buying this PC. http://www.amazon.co.uk/4170-QUAD-CORE-G…

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3 Responses to “Would A Radeon Hd 6670 Bottleneck An Amd Fx-4170?”

  1. starpc11 says:

    A 6670 /6870 the answers is no maybe a gtx 680 or a 7970 but then again a good quad processor for running all graphic cards just the dual core would bottleneck a 6870

  2. Walter Kuppens says:

    Do not get that it’s a rip off.
    If you want a gaming computer find a tutorial on YouTube because it’s better if you build them to suite your personal and gaming needs.

  3. geek-in- says:

    What would ever give you that idea?

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