Would A Trannssexual Agency Be A Lucrative Business Venture?

So basically this agency would be a one stop shop for those seeking a sex change. I will have the best surgeons, shrinks and stylists on hand and I would be able to negotiate generous discounts for bulk sex changes.
There will be a lecture hall where we will see various case studies. Dorms for those shunned by their families. All this for a flat fee+ extras.
Tranns On Demand: Copyright pending.

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4 Responses to “Would A Trannssexual Agency Be A Lucrative Business Venture?”

  1. reme_1 says:

    Very interesting idea.
    You could actually be located anywhere to give the individuals some peace and quiet during transition.

  2. Zunden says:

    You clearly don’t know enough about medical transition to pull this off. Please educate yourself before you bankrupt yourself on a fantasy.

  3. Dusk says:

    Possible but too much funding would be needed. Unless you are sponsored by a ridiculously rich person, it might be a little hard to realise it.

  4. monica says:

    Yes, I wholeheartedly support the idea but with compulsory surgery without anaesthesia for trolls.
    Best of luck with your venture; be sure to sell your house and sink every last penny into it to ensure its success.

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