Would Buying A New Phone Resolve This Issue?

Hey, from the UK. So I recently have been having this problem with the GPS on my phone this past Christmas… these pops ups appear with the following;
You need the following navigation license to accomplish this trip.
United Kingdom.
Sync license
And after a while, another big pop up of 8 silver boxes which say, “Destination, Phone, Get More, Mute, Mark this location, Settings, Back and Exit”
I get this all the time.. it disappeared for a few days and it was all gone just before New Years and then it all appeared again. The backlight on my phone comes on when i’m not using it to let me know the GPS is still there. And the bar at the top of my screen has constantly got this little logo, it’s a litle world map with a tiny arrow on the far right area of it, and when I bring the bar down, it says, “Navigation – Tap to return to Navigation”
Basically… I was gonna ask, if I went on eBay to get a new phone (cos people have said this might be a hardware issue, something in the charge port is broken or something similar) would it fix the problem?
I recently got my loan so I can afford it, if I went on eBay, got a new HTC Desire S, put my SIM etc in there, would it have the problem sorted out?
Thaaank you!

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One Response to “Would Buying A New Phone Resolve This Issue?”

  1. tictac21 says:

    Go to settings> location and services and turn gps off..thats whats causing it you have gps on and your phone is just giving you info…turn it off..

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