Would canon repair a faulty camera free of charge?

I’m going to buy the ixus 115 hs from amazon.co.uk and it says that you can get it replaced within 30 days of buying if it’s damaged or faulty. If it were to break, through no fault of my own, after a month had passed, then obviously I wouldn’t be able to get Amazon to do anything about it, but would I be able to send it to canon to get repaired or would I have to buy the actual camera from the canon shop to be able to do that?

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  1. rdenig_male says:

    Amazon’s conditions of sale do not override the general law which is that goods sold must be ‘fit for purpose’. Therefore, if it were to become faulty outside the 30 days period, it should be repaired or replaced – as a camera should be expected to last longer than that. However, your Canon warranty (which will be for 12 months) would cover you, wherever you brought the camera, although it is the retailer’s responsibility (again under general law) to deal with faults.

  2. Lincoln says:

    well Canon have an international warranty of a year or so
    so yes obviously if it breaks within that period then its your legal right to have it fixed by canon

  3. AWBoater says:

    If it is a new camera, it should have a 12month warranty, and cover manufacturing defects. However, warranties do not cover abuse or damage. So if you drop your camera, it will not be covered.

  4. B.E.I. says:

    The best place for an answer to that is Canon… Canon (UK) Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1737 220000 Website: http://www.canon.co.uk

    If Canon determines it to be a "gray market"/import camera, then you would more than likely need to return the camera to who ever you bought it from for any warranty work.

  5. ET says:

    Canon Customer Service 1-800-828-4040

  6. Clevercloggs says:

    There are some good answers here but as you dont state which country you are in its difficult to give a definitive answer. But Amazon should do something about it. You bought it off them.

  7. Lee says:

    as long as its not water damaged and no signs of negligence.. whilst under warranty, its always free!
    so yes, canon would repair…

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