Would gift voucher would you prefer?

I’m buying a gift voucher for a girl.

Would a girl in her early 20s prefer one from:

House of Fraser?

or somewhere else?

It’s a birthday gift. I don’t want to spend too much because I’m only a student. £10? £15? £20?? Which amount would be sensible? but not over the top?

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4 Responses to “Would gift voucher would you prefer?”

  1. corncrake says:

    Depends on her likes as you could an itunes voucher (if she has one). If you go into a large tesco there’s a display of various giftcards ranging from facebook,pizza,cinema even a railcard along with various high street fashion stores and loads more. Or just use the money to buy a meal together far more fun and personal than a voucher instead.

  2. DIANE B says:

    I know gift vouchers are better as presents but honestly i would justgive her money cos then she can spend it whereever and not be limited

  3. Tiffany says:

    Eh, I reccomend a gift only becasue it is less impersonal. But..its your going to get a gift card just get a straight VISA gift card. She can use it anywhere 🙂

  4. The Village Idiot says:

    If you don’t want to give cash try Highstreetvouchers.com they can be used in a lot of different shops
    Hope this helps

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