Would I benefit from an Ab Toner?

I’m a 17 year old girl and a size 10 (on bottom) and 8 (on top). I wouldn’t say I was fat but I feel i’m getting a bit podgy. I don’t particularly have a muffin top or anything, just my stomach can look wobbly and unfit.

I can’t afford a gym membership and not a big fan of running. I read somewhere that an ab toner would make it easier for me to then start doing sit ups, crunches or the plank, which is what i need to tone up my stomach.

I also have a flabelos vibrating plate machine at home, but when i use it I can’t feel it working on my stomach, only my legs and arms really benefit from it.

It’s £45 on a Wowcher deal and i’m just wondering if it’s worth it? Along side healthier eating and eventually going on runs etc when I feel my body is better prepared?

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One Response to “Would I benefit from an Ab Toner?”

  1. Eddie says:

    No,fat is fat,muscle is muscle,by exercising the muscle you can only make the muscle bigger/stronger,the fat there will still be there.

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