would it be better if benefit payments were paid in vouchers rather than cash?

now then we could have vouchers for food, and bills paid through a voucher card scheme. oh a b4 anyone starts thinking I’ve lost the plot, childcare already has vouchers.

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9 Responses to “would it be better if benefit payments were paid in vouchers rather than cash?”

  1. New Boots. says:

    I can’t see it working because only certain shops will accept the vouchers. You can bet that those shops won’t give fair prices. I can go to my local greengrocer and get an onion, a bag of spuds and a couple of carrots for just under a quid. Add that to cheap piece of meat from the butcher and I can get a decent tea together.

    I have had to live on income support at some times in my past, I don’t understand the people that turn up in the press with big houses, plasma tvs and twenty million kids! I found it very stressful, at least with the money I was given I could chose where to buy from and where I could get the most for my money. A voucher system won’t work. It would just lead to poorer families getting ripped off. Again.

  2. yes master says:

    yes and make separate queue’s for them,of course they must wait if someone is paying cash

  3. Hypocrite - says:


    Edit. OK, I’ll put some small effort in. A sub-class, living off vouchers would be both abhorrent and likely to cause more hardship. It would fuel crime. It would fuel a need to commit fraud. It would be open to abuse.

    When I moved into my flat, it needed decorating. Rather than give cash the landlord presented me with a voucher that could only be used in some small local businesses. It trapped me into using a company who supplied paint that was garbage and over-priced. I ended up giving the paint away and buying more myself.

    Who decides where the new "currency" can be spent? It doesn’t allow for ingenuity in finding ways to save money by making it stretch and seeking out the best ways to make it work.

  4. notbrainwashed says:

    they do that with asylum seekers already – though a lot of people dont realise that
    My partner used to work for a company that housed asylum seekers and he had to give the vouchers out

  5. Misty Blue says:

    No,no,no.That woud be humiliating and the only people who would be humiliated by this are those with self respect, people who would dearly love to be gainfully employed.Scroungers wouldn’t bat an eye.Childcare is different you can sign to get cash and spend it as you wish, so there’s a difference.
    Unemployment,particularly now when it’s everywhere isn’t an enjoyable experience by any means for people who want to work, why make life even more uncomfortable for them.

  6. live and let live says:

    it would start up a whole new industry of cottage printing presses, as found in some countries where passports and visas are rolling out in huge numbers.

  7. may experience some odd behavior says:

    You know why its not a good idea can only get to buy the things at certain shops usually with them vouchers and the companies that will deal with them vouchers are going to have their prices higher than the ones outside it and they will go it be to cover their cost for dealing with vouchers

    The headlines in the Daily Scare in say ten years after you brought it in LB would be
    "Tesco have made ten billion pounds from the benefit voucher payment scheme since introduction."
    PM elect Peaches Geldof calls for scrapping of voucher payments for benefit and back to cash in her drive against Tesco the vampire shopping retailer.

  8. jupiteress says:

    Whichever way it is paid, it is being paid.

  9. muffinisis says:

    they would sell them i think its a culture thing

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