Would Ivy Bridge Support A Xfx Radeon Gpu?

This motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX Motherboard
XFX DD RADEON 7850 860M 2GB D5 2x mDP HDMI 2x DVI

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3 Responses to “Would Ivy Bridge Support A Xfx Radeon Gpu?”

  1. Gaming with Netbooks says:

    Yes. The motherboard you’re looking at supports CrossFireX, which means it can use 2 Radeon GPU’s in tandem. You’re looking at only one Radeon card, which works too. Whether a card is supported or not is more dependent on the motherboard slots than the type of processor.

  2. brianthe says:

    hi mate
    ivybridge is a processors type and wont affect what gpu you use.. allthough ivybridge processors are required to run supported graphic cards in pci-express x16 v3.0 ( v3.0 pci-e slots operate at a much higher bandwidth compared to v2.0 and v1.1 )
    the XFX HD7850 DD supports pci-express v3.0 and so does the Asus P8Z77-V LX Motherboard ( only the first pci-express x16 slot ) so as long as your using a ivybridge based processor your HD7850 will run at its optimal speed with a little help from the superior v3.0 pci-express x16 bus ( slot )
    that said and with the technical jargon aside its not a massive boost in performance when using v3.0 pci-express x16 compared to the v2.0 standard … the cards core,shader and memory clock speeds play a more important role,so you better off running a fast card ( like the HD7850 ) in a v2.0 pci-e x16 slot rather than a mid range card in a v3.0 slot
    i see many questions regarding the pci-express x16 versions on answers,and to be honest manufactuers need to explain the difference better … its all well and good advertising a card supports pci-express x16 v3.0 however unless the potential purchaser understands what it means it may aswell say ” it makes a cup of tea in 2 minutes ”
    personally i think many of these technologys are over hyped …. im using a v3.0 pci-e slot and a v3.0 complaint card,however im only using a sandybridge based processor so my card runs at v2.0 ( since both the motherboards and graphic cards are backwards compatible … so for example if you have a v3.0 compliant gpu but a v2.0 compliant motherboard then the card will run at the fastest speed the motherboard supports ( which would be v2.0 ) … even if the motherboard only has a pci-express x16 v1.1. ( oldest version ) you can still run a v3.0 compliant gpu … it will simply run at the v1.1 speed ( since its backwards compatible )
    and visa versa .. if you have a old gpu such as a geforce 6800gt ( v1.1 ) and you install it on a motherboard that supports pci-express x16 v3.0 then it will only run at the speed the card supports ( which is v1.1 ) …..
    i know its confusing for some … but what i recommend is just install your gpu and have fun … as long as you have a psu thats good enough for your HD7850 thats all that matters …
    i hope this helps .. any questions let me know
    good luck mate !

  3. Jacob says:

    Yes, it would.
    Go with it and Enjoy!!!

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