Would This Be Nice For A Boy?

Okay, so I’m in to the whole retro/punk sort of look. I’m 15 and 5foot9 or so, quite skinny and I stumbled upon this jacket whilst searching online and I quite like it. Need opinion of some fashion “experts”. I’m not trying to pull the ladies with it, I’m gay and in a relationship so nay to that idea, just want to know if you’s like it or whatever.
I’m interested in it in black and think it would go great with denim skinnys or black skinnys and a white top or something. I’m just looking to know if it would be a good look for someone my age.. I pass for far older though, possibly 18.

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4 Responses to “Would This Be Nice For A Boy?”

  1. ImAlotBe says:

    HOLY S-H-I-T. That is the most hideous thing i have ever seen. Jesus christ burn it, it is horrible and would make everyone want to avoid you.

  2. Anon says:

    Its more of a woman jacket if anything

  3. Francesc says:

    Undone, I think it would look good with a t-shirt of any kind really, white, grey even possibly stripeed white and navy and fosho skinnies, denim and black,tbh I think black would go better with it, but like I think adding a little cheeky hat on the head, a black beanie would personally look very cute/neat

  4. Wazzerva says:

    Oh my God, that’s certainly an interesting (and expensive) choice.
    If it went with black skinny jeans, I reckon you could be able to ‘pull it off”. It does seem targeted at 18+ year olds, so if you’re sure you look that old it shouldn’t look too bad.
    It seems like a clothing item that is only going to suit certain people though, but it doesn’t look “dreadful”… just interesting.

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