Would this tank be big enough for a oscar?


The dimensions dont add up to what they say it holds 350 liters but the aquarium measurements are 123 x 87 x 65 cm but isent that alot more?

Anyway if you could tell me that would be great thanks
Would it be big enough for 2 oscars?

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5 Responses to “Would this tank be big enough for a oscar?”

  1. Ianab says:

    350 litres, great size for an Oscar, or even a pair.

    But if you buy 2 small Oscars there is no guarantee they will get along as they mature. They might, or they might fight. It’s actually safer to buy one Oscar, and something different. A Jack Dempsey, Uaru or Severum for example.

    The dimensions don’t make sense because it’s a curved corner tank, not a cubic box.


  2. Mary says:

    Yes definitely! As long as it has some swimming room it should be fine!

  3. Sammy says:

    This is equivalent to a 92 gallon aquarium. So yes, this would definitely be big enough to hold an Oscar fish.

  4. xScRiiPz says:

    Around 90 gallons, since a oscar only needs 75, ofcourse you can keep one there. The bigger the better !

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