Would This Work Instead Of An Xbox Wireless Dongle For Playing Xbox Live?

If I had this and plugged it into my xbox could I play Live on my wireless network via the ethernet port?
Basically instead of having to buy one of these:
I think they’re overpriced and I could also use the previous item for other things?
Thanks in adv.

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One Response to “Would This Work Instead Of An Xbox Wireless Dongle For Playing Xbox Live?”

  1. Caesar says:

    Yes it will work. Although, if you are on a budget you might want to consider this instead [1]. It’s a powerline network adapter, basically it allows you to use your house’s electricity circuit as a LAN. There are two plugs, plug one in next to your router, plug a Cat5 cable into it and into one of the network ports on the router. Then in any other room in the house plug in the other network plug, connect a Cat5 cable to it and plug it into any networked device and there you go, a wired internet connection.
    I hate wireless when it comes to desktops and games consoles, wireless is unreliable I prefer a wired connection and this is the best solution I believe. At £30 + free UK delivery it costs less than the wireless adapter you linked, but yea, the wireless adapter you linked will work, so will this, its up to you what you prefer wired or wireless.

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