Would You Consider This A Bad Job Situation?

I’ve been working here for almost a year now. It’s an office job for a small, local business. I design layouts and advertisements for over 15 different magazines.
To give you an idea how small it is:
There are two people in production/graphics. Me and a new guy.
There are two sales people for the area where the office is located: my boss and the office manager.
Number of people working in the office: four. Me, the new guy, my boss, and the office manager. Who also doubles as bookkeeper/accountant. She has no college degree. Scary that she keeps up with my paycheck.
My boyfriend used to be the other production guy, and he had worked there over a year. Then he left for another job, and for most of the same reasons why I want to leave as well. It’s just a stressful environment.
My boss is a jerk. Not only do I create from top to bottom 15 magazines practically by myself, do all the ads, make sure they are proofed, proofread the magazines, send them to print, write stories, do photography, manage webpages and facebook pages, and keep in touch with customers, but I have to put up with the guy telling me I’m slow. No, not just slow as in I don’t get things done, but slow mentally. He thinks it’s a joke but I don’t think it’s funny anymore. I have a lot on my mind working there, of course I’m going to be scatterbrained and confused sometimes. I’m a college student.
He threatened my boyfriend once, after he had turned in his two weeks, “as a joke”, and they fought about it. Now he threatened me today saying he was going to hang me from a tree. He sits behind me all day watching me to make sure I work, when he knows I can’t work as fast when someone is literally breathing down my neck. He has said disgusting things to me in the past, sexual things, of course as a joke. He talks behind everyones back. Makes fun of my brand new macbook pro I bought myself, saying it wasn’t worth a damn. He is just rude, and I don’t have the patience to mess with him or all the crap I have to keep up with anymore. Do you think it’s time to send in a two weeks? Some people say to talk to him but I can’t. I can’t bare to even look at him anymore, I just want out.
Also going to mention my pay, which is dreadfully low for all that I do and for all of the people that used to work there and have quit since I’ve been there, you think I could get a little but more than a ten cent raise. And trust me, I’ve asked. My boyfriend who had a college degree couldn’t get more than eight an hour out of him. No overtime, no paid vacations, no benefits. Nothing.
Thanks for any advice.

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3 Responses to “Would You Consider This A Bad Job Situation?”

  1. Bernard says:

    Yes, it’s a really bad situation. I’d get out ASAP. Not worth talking to a boss like that, it won’t change anything. In fact, the situation is so bad, you may have a legal case. But at that salary level it’s probably not worth the effort.
    My only advice. If you can stand to, keep the job until you have a written offer elsewhere. Just don’t drop any hints that you might be leaving until you turn in your notice. It’s always easier to get hired if you’re currently working.

  2. Elisabet says:

    Start looking for something else. Don’t pay attention to the jerk, just think about that you will be leaving soon anyway. When you find a new offer, just give your 2 weeks notice and don’t argue. If he wants to know where you are going to do or gets mad, just say that you want to try something new and that you had a great experience but it’s time to move on. No need to dwell on the past or get the final word – just do your thing and move on. New chapter, simple as that.

  3. Mentor says:

    Sit down with the office manager and discuss the issues you are having. You have nothing to lose and tell him to fire you if he is not happy. If he does, that way you will be let go through no fault of your own and receive unemployment to look for a better place.

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