*would You….. If It Meant You’d Save Money?

If you were to *receive a discount on your car insurance,* would you be willing to put install in your vehicle one of those breathalyzer engine lock systems that would not let the engine start if you or the person driving your vehicle had been drinking?

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5 Responses to “*would You….. If It Meant You’d Save Money?”

  1. David says:

    Of course, I tend not to drunk drive anyways 😡
    Come to think of it, the question is why wouldn’t you?

  2. Jacob says:

    Yea if it helps on insurance

  3. Goldfly2 says:

    No. A “discount” doesn’t sound like enough for me to give up my privacy. This isn’t about driving drunk either, because I don’t drink, and wouldn’t drink and drive. This is about my right to not have this thing in my car that you know is reporting back to the insurance company and that would be telling them how often I start my car in the least.

  4. John J. S says:

    Depends on how much of a discount. I do not use drugs and I resent those every 6 month drug screens. I don’t drink so I resent having to blow into a tube to be able to start my car. Now a 75% discount on my insurance premium would go a long way to ease my resentment.
    Since they’re going 5% I’ll save myself the aggravation and just say no.

  5. Jackie m says:

    Of course I would because I do not drink and drive, in fact i cannot even remember the last time I had a drink of alcohol as I am not keen on any type of alcohol.

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