Would you imagine that the rust on this moped would render it unservicable?

I really want a vintage moped and this is by far the cheapest. It is however rather rusty. Do you think it would be beyond repair if I bought it?


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13 Responses to “Would you imagine that the rust on this moped would render it unservicable?”

  1. fivetoze says:

    good gracious, i had one of these back in 72ish… and if i remember cost 17quid…

    we can repair and rebuild and restore anything you like… youre the customer and youre paying the bills…

    how much do you want to spend?

  2. Dollie says:

    Oh dear. Don’t waste your money.

  3. misskitti7® says:

    not at all if i lived closer i would snap that up

    regards x kitti x

  4. HM 10 says:

    Now that’s what I call a project for next year

  5. Shades says:

    The seat looks okay

  6. funnycunny says:

    you do know most homes around london have got one just like that in the back garden dont ya ?

    its not beyond repair just needs alot of work

  7. LITTLEME says:

    at the moment yes. but with a lot of t l c i would thunk you could get it on the road maybe in a yr.

  8. Brooker S says:

    It is not beyond repair but you have a lot of work ahead if you want to get it. Can be fun if you are into a long restore job.There are good rust clean up and restore products on the Internet.
    Good luck

  9. Twisted_Ace says:

    It is not beyond repair if you have either:

    a) Lots of experience in motorcycle restoration
    b) Lots of money
    c) Both of the above.

  10. grenmatta says:

    It would cost more to repair than buying a good second-hand moped. (£400-500)

  11. Colin M says:

    Nothing’s impossible, given time, money & effort. It’s not something you could expect to ride soon, but it looks like it would be a good project to get stuck into. I’d be interested myself if I had room in the workshop, should keep me busy all winter! It IS a workshop job, not something you can do in the back garden.

  12. jason c says:

    By the look of this bike, I would say its a complete bare metal rebuild. I think you will have problems getting spares for it and if its your first project I would suggest looking for something easier to start with.

  13. dazzii says:

    forget it its ready for the knackkers yard, could be done up if you want to purchase every part of the bike lol

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