Would You Say Lil Wayne Is Better Than Eminem. Explain?

eminem is crap plain and simple. he is just like man get some frickin therapy already.Anyone can see this guys got some serious mental problems again. Eminem’s main goal is to deliberately shock by putting in tons of swear words and writing songs about murdering or hurting his girlfriend/wife/ex-wife Kim, whatever she is to him nowI seriously hope Eminem is a fad. I really can’t see him having any long lasting appealbut I cannot see what the big deal about this guy is. He has absoulutely no flow at all, and his beats are among some of the corniest ones I have ever heardThis guy is talentless. He’s on MTV yet mocks MTV. Hypocrite. He writes songs about himself and how hard his life is/was. Redundant. He writes songs about people that don’t like him/he doesn’t like. Boring. The songs are stale, the beats are wannabe, and the voice/lyrics are really stupid. Eminem is for kids who don’t know any better. If you are an adult and you own Eminem, shame on you.
Eminem has opened the flood gates for MTV manufactured, talentless posers who seem to want to just look tough yet cute and sing about how hard life is and use the same sounds over and over again in each “song”. Please throw away your Eminem material. Don’t sell it, just toss it. Thre is NO WAY that Eminem is cool. After a few years pass and the kiddies grow up, this will be (already is) an abomination to music collections through tim
he is also an embrasement to the white race if he is white, but uses ghetto language, ebonics.
lil wayne doesnt make psychotoc songs that sick people on the head made. eminem claims to be a gangsta, but he aint. he never did the stuff he talks about in his songs like murder murder, stan, kim.lil wayne is a real blood who served time for murder. lil wayne is a real poet. his osng how ot love is great poetry, he shows heart towards a chick with aids.
lil wayne has more money than eminem, more awards, record sales. he influenced minaj, drake, tyga, big sean, chris brown
eminem has a ghostwriter,, uses autotone, lil wayne doesnt. lil wayne is not fake and everythin he says is real.he has a bugati, eminem doesnt. lil wayne is the work of an artist at the top of his technique, with creativity and imagination overflowing. I won’t begin to describe the wordplay, other than to say Lil Wayne throws away phrases that lessor artists would put in their hook. This is the work of someone who clearly loves words.
all of lil wayne’s songs has cleever rhymes, metaphors that shakesphere would talk about, thats poetry.

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  1. The Tambourine Man (Elliot) says:

    So you changed your username from “Lil Wayne” to “Iron Maiden”
    How clever.

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