Would You Support An Increased Tax On The Sale Of Firearms In Order To Pay To Have Armed Guards In Schools?

Keeps guns legal without restrictions and makes schools safer.

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19 Responses to “Would You Support An Increased Tax On The Sale Of Firearms In Order To Pay To Have Armed Guards In Schools?”

  1. Godless Heathen says:

    Get ready for only childish insults and completely unrealistic ideas. Conservatives get really angry when you ask them how they actually plan on paying for this idea.

  2. STEEL says:

    My local police get millions as it is.
    I would much rather see my tax dollars paying the salaries of police who are busy protecting our children at school., than paying the salaries of motorcycle cops hiding behind trees with radar guns giving out $360 tickets for doing 50 in a 45!

  3. BytemyAs says:

    I would support my tax dollars being spent like they SHOULD have been, except Obama let the funding lapse. Google “Obama school security funding lapse”, and you’ll see.

  4. Bark 0bama says:

    This problem is not the result of law abiding gun owners. Why punish them?

  5. velaOK says:

    schools would be safer with metal detectors and a guard who does not let anybody enter without going thru it. plus, everyone entering has to show the contents of their bags.
    kinda like going thru an airport…

  6. StephenG says:

    yes of course a good idea

  7. ★Ŕ♡MΛŔƐ★ says:

    Many gun advocates recently have pointed out “Well, cars kill people, too, so should we outlaw cars?”
    Here’s the thing: with cars, we have passed laws making it illegal to drive while drinking or on drugs, requiring the use of seatbelts, making sure all cars and all drivers are registered and all drivers pass driving and informational tests, requiring people to carry insurance, requiring the auto companies to make cars safer with features like air bags, making drivers accountable for unsafe driving both economically and legally, mandating that children be in car seats, setting safe speed limits, etc. And these laws have greatly reduced fatal car accidents and made our highways safer.
    So what would be wrong with passing similar laws to make guns and gun use safer?

  8. kacey59 says:

    No… put it into the school taxes so everyone pays for their child’s security or get rid of a crappy teacher or two and use their salaries to pay for guards…

  9. The Doctor says:

    ban all military style rifles and shotguns THEN tax the bolt actions and single shots perhaps dc fed gov will make it soo…dr

  10. Jimmy says:

    reductio ad absurdum..anyone know of any other logical fallacies this falls under?

  11. John says:

    We should station an existing cop in schools, most of them are just hanging around and chilling all day anyways.

  12. Don Corleone says:

    There is a bill being introduced in congress that would heavily tax certain types of ammo as well as require that purchases of 1000 rounds at a time be reported. I question whether or not reporting large purchases would have an impact since that is something that is easy to get around, but I support the tax. However I also question the idea of having one armed guard in a school. I just don’t think it would have the desired impact. If there had been a guard at Newtown I suspect that he would have been the first victim.

  13. Len says:

    The government receives enough money to pay for armed guards at schools as it is. Why should we need more taxes?
    Just stop shipping our money to Israel.

  14. Uncle C Wayne T says:

    An armed guard would just be a sitting target. Even a pscho nut job would know to kill the armed guard first, a surprise attach, and then kill the children.

  15. Snake Bait says:

    Heck No.

  16. Raatz says:

    It’s going to have to be an awfully large tax to raise the 5+ billion it would take.

  17. American says:

    NO. Guns arent the problem. Criminals are the problem.

  18. ¡Qué buen día para la ciencia! says:

    You liberals are always thinking of ways to raise taxes to pay for useless crap, aren’t you?

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