Wowcher deals? A2 canvas deal?

Interested in the A2 Canvas deal at 7.99, usually 44.99, is this good or a con?? Plus its like 6 pounds for delivery!?!?
6.95 + 7.99 = 14.94 in total, plus u dont get the voucher until the offer has ended on the site which is a few days, i dont feel too comfortable about handing over my money without seeing the product first + is this actually a good deal? or am i just being told its a huge saving when in fact its a reasonable price

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One Response to “Wowcher deals? A2 canvas deal?”

  1. Avalon says:

    Wowcher is pretty Kosher cos it’s associated with Daily Mail. What I do is to check Amazon and Ebay to see if it’s a really good deal or not.

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