Wowcher won't refund me?

Hi. Not really sure where I stand and looking for someone with a bit of knowledge on refund rights. Basically I purchased an item off Wowcher. I paid for it and was sent the code to redeem the item. However I ran into problem after problem redeeming the item. I contacted wowcher on several occasions (still have all correspondence.) they never resolved the problem and I never received my item which I paid for. Now I’m requesting a refund. They now say since the expiry date is invalid they won’t refund me. I think it’s wring as this is not my fault. I paid as expected and contacted them to resolve the problem while the item was still valid. Does anybody have any knowledge our where I stand now. Do u have any rights to insist they give me my money back. Many thanks.

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3 Responses to “Wowcher won't refund me?”

  1. Squidmaster says:

    Yes you do. If they failed to provide the item you paid or, they must provide or refund.
    You’ll need to speak with an Ombudsman.

  2. Jake says:

    You may ave to resort to getting a refund from your credit card company or paypal if you used one of them, non-delivery is a rather clear cut case that you can eventually get a chargeback.

    Probably too small a sum to involve solicitors, you can cost them a larger amount in sales by publicizing the problem at the many ripoff, scam reporting sites on the internet.

  3. Julian says:

    Good Morning,

    I work for Wowcher. I’m sorry to hear that you had difficulty redeeming your code, can you please email including your previous correspondence so that we can look into this matter.

    Please put YAHOO in the subject line

    Kind Regards,


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