Wtf Is Wrong With Lower Income People?

They are so ignorant. I constantly see people in my school that have parents make MUCH less than my parents(both their parents combined make less than one of my parents) purchase the high end products that I don’t believe are necessary. My family still tries to find discounts for food and other items and only buy the necessary items and rarely buy discretionary items, while these people buy all the higher quality and more expensive brands for every category (Ex:Shoes, clothing, electronics, etc.) Yet some of them take advantage of the reduced prices that are offered to lower income families.
What’s up with that?

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6 Responses to “Wtf Is Wrong With Lower Income People?”

  1. R.R 9 says:

    Your arguing against your own point.

  2. Rose Rose says:

    Has nothing to do with being lower income and everything to do with the people near you constantly wanting to upstage eachother with their new and fancy ****? Lower income people in my area didn’t do this ****?

  3. The Heroic Protectorâ„¢ says:

    You’re not wrong, but it’s not fair to say this is what all lower income people do.
    The answer could really be in the answer. They are lower income because they aren’t good with money. They spend outside their means to support a life style they simply can’t afford. You can call this intelligence or whatever, but the argument I’m making is that they make stupid purchases because they are stupid. If they were smarter, they wouldn’t be poor. I’m not saying that all poor people are stupid, there are lots of cases of just poor misfortune.
    Our culture is self entitled. We believe we are entitled to things, even when we can’t afford them. Why does a rich kid get an ipod when a poor kid dosen’t? Neither of them actually worked for it, so shouldn’t both be just an entitled to that ipod? Well there is the part of the argument that simply dosen’t work. Yes, both might be equal in deserving, but one party can’t afford it. Thereby, justifying a large purchase that can’t be paid because of an entitled motive does not excuse it’s poor planning. This could be hard for some parents as they want to be able to provide for their children, but going bankrupt from debt is only going to hurt them further. The simplest and best answer I have for those lower income families is to suck up that self-respect and make purchases responsibly. Kids don’t love you because you bought them expensive things, they love you for being a supportive parent.
    Now, we get into another aspect of entitlement. The argument for kids can be made, but once you’re able to make your own money, that argument fails. The answer is they simply want these expensive possessions and services and don’t think about the long term ramifications. They want that instant gratification. This makes them selfish and greedy. They want what they can’t have and manipulate the system to get it. This could mean over drafting on credit cards, stealing etc…
    This argument actually goes much farther, all the way into social program politics. Poor people love big government and services. They give them things that they believe are free. Their greedy attitude and lack of long term understanding leads them to believe it’s free or that they are entitled to it. When they realize that it is the middle and upper class that pay for their services, and see that they are don’t want to pay for these wasteful programs, then they get angry. They accuse these taxpayers of being greedy because they don’t to give away their hard earned income. When you take a step back though, you realize that the unwilling taxpayers aren’t the greedy ones for not wanting to pay, but the lower income people for demanding it and beleving they are entitled to someone else’s fruit of labor.

  4. GRIMEY-B says:

    sounds like there catching your attention.. hahahah H A T E R !!!!! GET A LIFE WHY YOU WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS PEOPLES LIFES WHY WONT YOU GO ASK THEM YOUR SELF instead of being on here expressing your feelings

  5. Simone says:

    Well, that’s a problem with capitalist. They cannot part with their money. I bet your family is saving for 2099, and your parents will leave you a fortune that they spend their life getting. Poor people don’t have that problem. They live for today. Like what, they should die and leave Ipod money in the housing project apartment they lived.

  6. Justin says:

    They want to show that they’re better through the things they have. One word for them: pathetic.

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