Xbox 360 Arcade – good deals?

Does anyone know some good bundle deals for the xbox 360 arcade console? I can get the arcade package with Call of Duty 4 for £129.99 at Game which is tempting but does anyone know any other good deals, and from what shops?

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5 Responses to “Xbox 360 Arcade – good deals?”

  1. tetra_xo says:

    Bundle deals are always changing so it’s best to look around.
    I can’t remember the price exactly but Gamestation have preowned deals with pretty new games that seemed really cheap.
    But it depends on what stock your nearest store would have.

    Oh, and the internet sites for some high street games stores are sometimes different to actual in store deals.

  2. lou_300 says:

    I (read: my dad) got an X Box 360 for £127.99 at Asda.

    I don’t think any other games were included except the Arcade disc, however.

  3. CASSIUS says:

    Any ‘deal’ from Game is a rip off. Trust me, i used to work there lol

  4. Prithvi G says:

    A. try amazon B. DONT BUY THE ARCADE!!!!!! I bought one in november and i filled the mem card in about 2 weeks. all the game updates, extra maps, ect. would be saved to your hdd. threr are a bunch if free ones cod4 and you willl be hating yourself for not getting a 360 with a hardrive. *all map packs run about 250-500 mg’s a piece.

  5. Jonathan L says:


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