Xbox 360 flashing on for £15 – anyone had it done?

Here’s the auction link:|66%3A4|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A200

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3 Responses to “Xbox 360 flashing on for £15 – anyone had it done?”

  1. Karl says:

    His feedback on ebay doesn’t count for nothing when it is a classified ad. The 100 % feedback you see on his ebay profile is from buying and selling a physical product, NOT a service.

    There is nothing stopping him from keeping your money or xbox. The deal would have to be organised outside ebay to make payment, and is too risky.

    I used a service like this before to find they kept my xbox and told me it got lost in post. Couldnt do nothing about. Also the price you pay 15 pounds is for collection and drop off, not including service & everything else

    If you live in london i can give you contact details for a guy who can do it in 10 minutes while you wait. Or use, this is where i get my backup copies and they offer the most reliable and cheapest service when you consider they use a main courier, work is done by proffesionals etc. I highly recommend.

    p.s: There site is down for maintenance at the moment, as i think they updating services.Should be backup up soon….i hope so i get all my backups from there lol

  2. Tian1984 says:

    Its looks suspicious to me…

    but the guy has got 100% feedback…so, maybe its kosher…

  3. Sarah says:

    To be honest i wouldn’t have anything done like that unless it was made officially by Microsoft because if my 360 broke i doubt the guarantee would still be valid after i’d put this on it

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