Xbox And Projector Cables?

So, I very recently acquired an old projector for cheap. Its a Hitachi ED-X3450 (… and im having slight issues setting it up with my Xbox 360 console. My hookup worked fine for PC.
The problem comes where I have an HDMI-composite cable for my old CRT screen, but the projector has only 3.5mm audio ins to pass it onto 3.5 audio outs. Currently I use the one composite video input it has to get picture, but the Left-Right cables I cant connect to anything.
Currently im looking into buying an HDMI-component Video only cable, a DVI-adapter to use it for PC aswell, a toslink cable+toslink-to-3.5mm adapter piece for audio. The other option would be for an RCA-3.5mm jack to plug in to the projector. I feel inclined for the former as it provides better video quality, and I could buy those cables from for under 6£.
Basicly im asking if there is any inherent flaw in my plan that ive missed, or if there is a clearly better option available.

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