Yogsblast Fusion Good Deal?

Is the Yogsblast Fusion a good deal for the money.


Thank You!

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One Response to “Yogsblast Fusion Good Deal?”

  1. BlueBeach says:

    It’s quite a good deal, I personally searched for months trying to find the best PC for the price for my price range, and I found this: http://www.computerplanet.co.uk/ I have already ordered from them, ingot a free assasins creed III game, pre-installed drivers for my PC which most custom built PC websites don’t, a free 16Gb memory stick, brilliant customer service, my payment tripped a little and it was sooo easy to sort out. Also they deliver with ups, and LOTS or bubble wrapping. All topped off by a very little price for the specs you get. Glad I could help to st you from spending months of your time 😛

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