You Are Purchasing A Home For $210,000. The Down Payment Is 20% And The Balance Will Be Financed With A 15-yea?

You are purchasing a home for $210,000. The down payment is 20% and the balance will be financed with a 15-year mortgage at 7% and 2 discount points. You put down a deposit (applied to the downpayment) of $15,000 when you signed the sales contract.
You also have these expenses: credit report, $90; appraisal fee, $160; title insurance premium, 1% of amount financed; title search, $250; and attorney’s fees, $550. Find your amount due at the closing.
–I have…
Down payment: 210,000*20% = 42,000
Amount Financed: 210,000 -42000 = 168,000
Total expenses: 33090…
Any help?

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