You hear about people making deals with the devil ?

How does someone make deals with the devil, how would you summon him, I’m inquisitive and will try all your different ways, please don’t tell me, not to do it or it’s dangerious, I’m fully aware.
Just need to know the proceeduer.

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3 Responses to “You hear about people making deals with the devil ?”

  1. shadowynne says:

    Well old school blues musIcians would make a deal with the devil by waiting for the devil at a crossroads at midnight.

  2. babyskit5683 says:

    Um it’s fake… You can’t…. Life is not a movie.. And to sell your soul to the devil is an expression, not anytype of truth

  3. 2sassi4u says:

    I know a guy who "sold" his soul to the devil. He simply said he can have his soul if he gave him money, fast. He got it. Fast money, fast broads, street cred, all that. But the thousands he made went on lawyer fees to beat his drug charges, the females was only there for the money & whatever else they could get, just bad all around. Just call on him. He’ll come to you. And you may get what you want but it won’t be what you anticipated. His aliases are the great deceiver & the great liar. Sure you wanna be in cahoots with somebody who gone stab you in the back ASAP?!?!

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