You Tube Copyright Protected?

I recently uploaded a video to You tube. A few days later I received an e mail from You tube stating that I committed copyright infringement. I called a company that sells movies that are recorded on DVD’S. I asked are all movies on DVD’S copyright protected. The answer was yes, even if the movie is 50 years old. I’m stumped by this considering that there are a lot of movies listed in you tube that were uploaded and are for sale by people, and their movies have not been removed by You tube. For example Samson and Delilah was uploaded on You tube and the charge is $2.99 to rent the movie for viewing. This movie for rent has been listed for months for a charge of $2.99 to rent the movie for viewing. Why was I victimised, and whoever is listing movies on You tube are not being victimised?

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2 Responses to “You Tube Copyright Protected?”

  1. Nobody says:

    it’s because they are either:
    a) the company owning the movie
    b) paying royalties to/getting permission from the company owning the movie
    youtube only allows reselling of movies if the entity uploading them is/has done either of these.
    the fact that it was on a DVD or not doesn’t matter.
    if you upload it without being the copyright holder, or getting the express consent of the holder to upload it, you are committing copyright infringement and you are the one at fault.

  2. oh not not again says:

    THE person who has Samson and Delilah for $2.99 rental is Google… A licensed retailer
    Google owns youTube. That is not copyright infringement when google has a license to rent it out.
    you weren’t being victimized… You weren’t licensed by the film studio to copy their movies onto youTube
    Copyright literally means the right to copy. The film studio owns the copyright

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