Your Welfare Reform? Here’s Mine?

I think after everybody is 18, they are eligible for welfare for 5 years in their lifetime. This could be extended by Congress if there’s a financial crisis.
There should be a certain criteria for what items could be purchased with food stamps; food brands should be generic. People can’t buy steaks, nice bread and cheese but rather the Department of Agriculture of FDA creates a list of what people can buy.
Medicaid is fine.
Eligibility: No crimes, no alcohol, no drugs, must show proof that the person is looking for a job (such as applying to a position), kids MUST not been born out of wedlock, and couple must be married. If couple is married they get a joint amount of money. If the law can prove that multiple people are supporting each other with their welfare benefits, they can be revoked!
Section 8 Housing: $2200 vouchers are absurd. Reduce them to a $1000.

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2 Responses to “Your Welfare Reform? Here’s Mine?”

  1. Matt D says:

    The problem is that your program will cost way, way more to administer than it will save.

  2. olinader says:

    your first answer is right. in order to check and make sure people fit into your criteria, you would have to hire a massive burocracy, and those tend to be corrupt, siphoning money off of the federal till.
    how about you drop all the restrictions and just give everyone a simple 5 years, regardless of conditions/marriage/drug use whatever. use it/don’t use it, doesn’t matter, everyone gets the same. that means no agency has to administer it (something so simple could be automated). and someone who spends there time pumping out babies or shooting heroin isn’t going to be any better off after 5 years, but that’s on them.

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