Zavvi gone bust so why have they still been selling vouchers?

Zavvi have now gone bust. As obviously the case they must have known about this for a while as things don’t just happen at the last minute. So why have they been selling vouchers that can’t now be redeemed or refunded in store due to this? What a load a w*nkers! How many people are expecting vouchers or have given vouchers for Xmas? Great timing you bunch of *ssholes!

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6 Responses to “Zavvi gone bust so why have they still been selling vouchers?”

  1. Andrew L says:

    technically the have to redeem them or give you a refund as this is theft. As the have taken money and not given anything for it. Good 2 a store and say another store accepted them plus the staff dnt care they have already lost there jobs!!!! BTW THEY KNEW ABOUT 3 month when woolworth knew they were in finacial difficultty.
    Also DSG internatioal(Currys PC world Dixens) is next following the key pattern constantly reduceing prices faill ing 2 make a profit. + £150million debt

  2. Ellie W says:

    Maybe each store didn’t know, they only knew at head office, but they didn’t want to scare people by changing stuff about the store. They’ll be open boxing day, so perhaps go and spend your vouchers then, you’ll get lots more for your money!

  3. Olivia T says:

    just spend it right away..
    they havnt gone bust yet.
    there still open after xmas for a while

    they were basically trying to make money thats all

  4. James' Girl x says:

    They shouldn’t have been selling vouchers. I attempted to buy one a few weeks ago and they told me that Woolworths supplied them or something and because they were going bust they could no longer give them out.

    Also I have a friend who works there and he told me they were going bust a few weeks ago too, when i mentioned to him about not being able to get a voucher, so they must have known when they sold it to you.

  5. Layla says:

    Zaavi’s gone bust?
    Ah c*rap!

  6. A pale imitation of The Dame says:

    I can tell you form now.. I have had very close connections with both Virgin and Zavvi.. and the people at the top were money grabbing incompitents who would have kept any information from the stores and staff to the very last minute.. so don’t blame them for selling you worthless vouchers, blame the board of liars and con men.

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