zavvi vouchers- i'm confused.?

poeple are apparantly getting really annoyed because they got zazvvi vouchers for christmas and cant spend them- y? chant they spend them on the sales, i no they are closing down but they are still there.
i didnt get one i was just wondering y everyone was complaining

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7 Responses to “zavvi vouchers- i'm confused.?”

  1. Under Pressure says:

    They are still there at present but they will not accept vouchers.

    You can go to their website for instructions on how to attempt to get your money back but you’ll be in a queue of creditors.

    Best of luck.

  2. ape creature of the Indus. says:

    stores reserve the right to refuse these vouchers as they may not get a monetary return.

  3. Nieve B says:

    get your friends to complain and then find somethings that arent on sale and if theres nothing not on sale demand your money back!!

  4. Footymad says:

    you have to apply to get the vouchers refunded, i know it doesn’t make sense, as i had woolworths vouchers and they still let me spend them there when they went under

  5. marcus says:

    As was said on the news today they are worthless. What really astounds me is that companies can keep on taking money and fleecing people with complete immunity right up to the moment that they become insolvent !

  6. Richy luvs his girl says:

    im confused dot com

  7. Lulu says:

    im not quite understanding why they wont accept the vouchers as they have already recieved the money when the person who brought them handed it over, surely the voucher is valid as the money has been paid, just means that now people can come to pick up the goods so to speak?

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